No Degree/Plus Two?

You can study at ISAC without a Degree or Plus Two

No Degree/Plus Two? You can study at ISAC without a Degree or Plus Two. Many people worry about not having finished Plus Two or Degree and some believe that there is limited opportunity for further studies without it. This, of course, is not true – there are many ways you can study further without a Degree/Plus Two certificate.

Study further without a Degree or Plus Two Certificate

ISAC offers both accredited and provider courses that don’t require Degree or Plus Two. These courses focus on enhancing your knowledge and skills so that you will become more employable. By furthering your education at ISAC, you can take control of your future and reach your education and life goals.

ISAC courses are suitable for those who have the following worries in their mind;
  • I failed Plus Two last year, what should I do?
  • If you are fresh out of school and you’ve failed Plus Two you still have options at ISAC
  • I dropped out of schools before I reached Grade 12

If you’ve dropped out of school before completing your 12th, you can still study further. Many of our courses only require a Grade 10. Many of our accredited courses also have low entrance requirements.

  • I am over 30 and I never completed Plus Two

Age shouldn’t hold you back from furthering your education, nor should not complete your 12th. We have study options available for students of all ages and all educational levels.

  • I have work experience in the field I want to study

Our courses offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This means that, in the last five years, you’ve worked within an industry relevant to the qualification you want to apply for. E.g. if you’ve worked as a Salesman for many years, and now want to get a recognized qualification, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

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